The Spirit Newsletter December, 2020

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From Pastor’s Desk

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

It’s not difficult to tell the season is changing. We’re getting ready for Advent and Christ¬mas. Looking forward to it. Already. The Chrismon tree are being decorated, the banners and wreaths are being hung on the wall, and the Advent candles are being elected.

Advent is a season of hope-a time of “active waiting” for the celebration of Jesus’ birth at Christmas. Advent means “coming.” During this season, we remember Jesus’ coming into the world. We look forward to the celebration of Jesus’ presence among us at Christmas. And we hope for Jesus to come again.

Advent, the season preceding Christmas in the Christian year, is of short duration. Only four Sundays from November 29 through December 20. Mystery and wonder and expectation are the moods of Advent, preparation and repentance its themes.

Advent emphasizes the sense of expectant waiting for something good to happen — waiting for someone special to come from God. The people of Israel had heard God’s promise that a Savior would come, and, as recorded in the Old Testament, waited through some of the darkest hours of their nation’s history for the fulfillment of that promise.

Christians know that God’s promise was fulfilled by the coming of Jesus. We celebrate that fulfillment at Christmas, but Advent invites us to experience the sense of anticipation that precedes Christ’s coming.

Advent also has a personal aspect. Perhaps some of us have not had the Christmas experience of having Jesus born in the manger of our hearts. We are still in Advent, hoping something good will yet come.

So preparing the church for Christmas and inviting people to join and share the wonder of the season is a sign of hope on our part. It’s not the end of faith but it’s beginning. A way of saying that whether in joy, grief or suffering, God is with us and waits in the fullness of time to redeem us.

On four Sundays of Advent we will light the advent candles as we wait for the coming of Jesus Christ our Lord.

  • First Sunday Of Advent – The Candle Of LOVE
  • Second Sunday Of Advent – The Candle Of HOPE,
  • Third Sunday Of Advent – The Candle Of JOY
  • Fourth Sunday Of Advent – The Candle Of PEACE

Thus, Advent is a time to make our hearts ready to receive Christ. He is coming to us and that is GOOD!

In the joy of the Lord,

Pastor Andrew Paek

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