The Spirit Newsletter April 2020

Posted By tumc_admin on Mar 25, 2020 |

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I read it years ago. All I remember is the title and caterpillars. That, however; I have recalled often: Hope for the Flowers. The two main characters are caterpillars named Yellow and Stripe. They begin their search for meaning by attempting to climb to the top of a caterpillar pillar only to discover another destiny

That title came to mind winter days. We had a spate of unseasonably warm days. It even got up to 60 plus degrees. Our neighborhood boys were out in shorts playing and riding their bicycles. That’s not all that was out. Some crocus pushed up from the earth and started to open right in our neighborhood. Then the cruel, cutting winds from of the North rushed down the ground froze up again. The temperature had dropped more than 30 degrees over night. Gone were the boys in shorts and their game of street hockey. The tender little crocus were shriveled up. It seemed cruel and deadly.

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