The Spirit Newsletter April

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Spring is finally here! Winter hit us very hard; storms left thousands of people without power, yet another shooting at a public high school in Parkland, Florida, families loosing loved ones unexpectedly, and many of you dealing with illness. Our desert journey was not a mere metaphor for reflection, we have been knee deep in sorrow. Yet as people of the resurrection, we are comforted by God whose prescence is our strength in times of weakness. I have seen up close God working wonders in my heart and the hearts of those who joined us everyday on our prayer conference call. I, too, have felt like my faith in prayer flickers like a candle’s flame in the wind. Especially when we witness so much despair. But time and time again, when I surrender to the practice of prayer, as a discipline of grace, it becomes my lifeline. I am reminded that prayer is not equal to rubbing a magic lamp and that God is not a genie in a bottle who grants us three wishes; immediately. Prayer is showing up to have coffee with God, to catch up, to get to know each other better, to share burdens. In exchange, the risen Christ, who overcame death, shares his peace, love, and power so that we too, may continue with the journey, not scattered and wounded, but healed and empowered to change the world through our redeemed lives.
Have a Blessed Eastertide, Pastor Teresita.

TheSpiritNewsletter APRIL

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