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TheSpiritNewsletter– MARCH

A good thing about celebrating Lent during winter, is that we get to entertain images of the desert heat. I know some of you are sneering, because you dislike the heat in any form. This desert imagery is a helpful reminder that this season is intended for us to intentionally welcome discomfort. We are not wired to cause ourselves displeasure. Our egos are consistently seeking a comfortable place. Why not? Honestly, some of us have discomfort enough in your lives. So, why is this so important for our spiritual growth? Well one answer could be: Because spiritual growth depends on learning; and there is no richer learning than that which moves us at the gut level. I fasted for five days last week. I do not say that to brag. On the contrary, I share this to give you the context, in which I saw the most meaningful movements of self-awareness emerge. I saw this persistent reliance I have on my skills, intelligence, and abilities, which can cause me great anxiety. I was able to surrender that burden and embrace my weaknesses as places where I can invite God into. What may be some habits, behaviors, or ways of thinking that are preventing you from trusting God? What spiritual disciplines can you practice to invite God into your sacred space? I pray that your Lenten disciplines bring you to awesome resurrections in the Spirit and life. I look forward to seeing you all during Holy Week!

With You on the Journey, Pastor Teresita.

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