The Spirit Coffee House

 Find a place to connect!  Here you are never a stranger!

UPDATED! Season #2 – Love is in the Connections!

Thursdays:    4pm – 6pm  Especially Students Welcomed

 6pm – 9pm Open to All


Feb 8

4pm     PV National Art Honor Society Meeting

6pm     Grand Opening – PV Students Art Show


Feb 15  

4pm     Youth – Love & Cupcake Wars

6pm     Agape is Love – Poetry Reading


Feb 22

4pm     Youth Gaming

6pm     Games Night


Mar 1

4pm     Youth – PM Snack Attack

6pm     Agape is Love – Community Dinner Church


Mar 8

4pm     Youth Art Attack

6pm     Art for Beginners


Mar 15

4pm     Youth Open House

6pm     Open Mic


Mar 22

4pm     Youth Speak Loud

6pm     Closing of Season Celebration – Open Mic




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