Pastor Teresita will not have a table talk this month but please see her comment below and pictures from the Open House. “Thank you all who contributed and participated in the Parsonage Open House. There was a decadent spread at the table, and the conversations and time shared was enjoyable”. “Thank you all who contributed and participated in the Parsonage Open House. There was a decadent spread at the table, and the conversations and...

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4 Ways to Have a RADICAL Christmas By Pastor Teresita Matos-Post This week I heard on the news that more and more families are joining the no-gifts on Christmas movement. I sense that at the heart of this movement, is our desire to find deeper meaning in our celebrations. How many more ties can father have? And do we really need, yet another mug with a “punny” joke? If I am honest, I am not a big fan of the movement. I love to give...

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Remembering Our Saints

Posted By on Nov 15, 2018

On Nov. 4 the faith community at Totowa United Methodist Church prepared to share the communion table by remembering the saints amongst us, who have passed on to life eternal with God. Here are their names, attached to their names their lives: sacred. Andy Zachares Ann Murray Bernice & Nicholas Hook Carmen Burgio Craig Cioletti Dan Murray Dave Alexander David Saner DeAnna Edna & Ken Van Houten Edna & Ray Eleanor &...

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Tables Available for vendors (Craft/Special Services/Products) for $20 includes table and two chairs. Call 908-963-9714 for questions. Confirmed list of vendors! Mary Kay – Laurie Proffitt: Paparazzi – Yajaira Berrios – Amazing Grace Designs – Deborah Butler – Ana Aliaga – Free Phone and Health Care...

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The Spirit Newsletter-November

Posted By on Oct 31, 2018

TERESITA’S TABLE TALK Friend in the faith, In 2016, a man from Kenya sent me a Facebook friend request.  I was hesitant to accept the request, since I did not know him, nor we had friends in common.  However, I felt compelled to accept his request.  Since then, we have developed a friendship.  He is a local pastor who oversees a ministry that provides shelter, food, education, and love to 24 children, ages 3-17. After some...

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The Spirit Newsletter – October

Posted By on Sep 26, 2018

Teresita’s table talk Going Green! Energy Efficiency Upgrades at Totowa UMC In alignment with our commitment to care for God’s creation, Totowa UMC conducted last spring an energy audit of the church facilities. Identifying areas of energy waste, on Sept. 10 the congregation started upgrading light fixtures and light bulbs to energy efficient LED equipment that will save energy and money. “We are a modest congregation with a beautiful...

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