The Spirit Newsletter-January 2021

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Pastor’s Desk

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,


Most of us use the New Year as an occasion for all kinds of resolutions and resolves. This is our attempt to change and to change for the better. Down deep we all want the best and fullest possible life. That’s really quite a Christian instinct.

When Jesus came among us, he identified the reason for his presence. He said in John 10:10 “I have come that you might have life and have it to the full.” We don’t want to settle for anything less than what Jesus offers. Here are some questions we can ask if we as Christians are willing to live our lives to the fullest extent as we usher in the new year of 2021.

AM I putting Jesus first in every area of my life or am I still in charge?

AM I putting a priority on fellowship and worship with my fellow Christian believers?

AM I praying and asking the Lord to help me to be available to witness for Jesus Christ each day?

AM I seeking to love rather than hate or judge others?

AM I willing to confess my sins and truly seek the Lord’s forgiveness?

AM I willing to completely let go of my selfish control, to surrender and let God take over?

AM I praying for our Church family and leaders that God may make us a force for love, recon­ciliation, witness, and peace in the com­munity? 

AM I helping and supporting our church to be the true Church of Christ!

Let us continue to support the ministry of Totowa UMC. Let us open to what the Spirit of God would orchestrate in widening our ministry and effectiveness. Let us work together and make a renewed commitment to be a powerful, unified faith-community.

God loves you and so do I, 


P.S. Jeane and I want to thank all of you who were so kind to us this past holiday season. We very much appreciate the cards and gifts we received. Many thanks.

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