The Spirit Newsletter June 2020

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Well, summer is just around the corner. That used to mean all kinds of wonderful things: flowers and fun, leisure and cookouts, trips to the park or beach, and best of all, vacation. Summer always meant the time for us to lighten up both our clothing and work schedules. And after a long year of school and work, we all need some rest and break.

We know this Summer will be different. COVID 19 has changed our way of life drastically. The way we do family or social gathering,
enjoying a sunny day at park, or vacationing will be very different this year. Many people will look forward to going back to work not away from it.

However, we do need rest more than ever, if not physically, spiritually. Although some are dying to get back to work, we all still need time to get away from the fears, uncertainty and depression.

True recreation means to “recreate.” It is actually a very holy experience. Jesus also took “time off” to rest, to be recreated. He would often go off to a quiet place and be renewed in prayer. As his disciples, we go on a trip with Jesus, never from Jesus. So, here are a few spiritual tips to help us have a marvelous Christian “recreation” experience this summer.

• Enjoy some “holy leisure” including prayers and meditations.
• Include the Holy Word in your reading list.
• Attend church faithfully (either here in our church or online) I hope to get back to our sanctuary sometime this June.

Let’s make the summer months a golden time to be recreated physically as well as spiritually. May God bless us all with a restful and refreshing summer. Have a happy and holy summer!

God loves you and so do I,

Pastor Andrew

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