The Spirit Newsletter – April 2019

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One year, I decided to learn how to play a worship song on guitar and grow vegetables as my Lenten practices. Both activities have been both familiar and unknown to me for various reasons. The guitar sound is very familiar because it is the basis of the music I grew up listening to. When a guitar chord is strummed something at the core of my soul shifts. We are moved by music and music speaks the language of the Spirit. This is why as a worship leader and preacher, I believe music can be an essential part of the worship experience, even when worship does not require music.

I first tried to learn to play the guitar in eighth grade. The teacher attempted to teach me, but soon got frustrated because he claimed it was hard to teach a left handed person to play. It stuck in my brain that as a left handed person God had made me unable to learn to play the guitar. As I tried to learn again, I continued to practice, even though my daughters roll their eyes everytime I pick up the guitar. Too many times my fingers would produce a terrible sound, but as my fingers built some muscle memory, we were all amazed, and I, super delighted when I played the right chord. Something new and beautiful can rise when we break from the imprisonment of a lie or bad idea and we dare to challenge it, or prove it wrong!

Growing vegetables is familiar to me, because my great-grandparents and grandparents were farmers. The vegetables they grew were not only to sell, but the produce was the sole source of nourishment for my parents, uncles, and aunts. I am of the generation that grew up getting most of our food in a supermarket. There has been a growing disconnect between people and the food we eat. Therefore, there was a time when the thought of growing my own food seemed a silly waste of time, considering going to the ShopRite is easier.

My cynicism about growing vegetables has been challenged many times, but I think it just stems from my own frustration at attempting to grow something green, and eventually killing it (even cacti). I have forever believed I did not have a green thumb. What I did not have was the capacity to wait patiently. I have been inspired by all the people around us who do grow vegetables successfully! I figured if as a pastor I am called to share the Bread of Life with all who would receive it, then for sure I should be able to help grow something green. Needless to say that when my little seedlings broke out of the dirt I celebrated as if I were a momma once again! Such joy!

This is what Easter is all about. The resurrection of the Truth, the real honest-to-God (literally) Truth from a darkness believed to be certain. Because Jesus overcame death, we too can experience resurrection in all the areas we have thought to be dead in us. In which ways do we need to challenge the lies we have learned to believe about ourselves and others so that God’s light may shine through? May God continue to do God’s work in us!

Pastor Teresita.

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