Special Church Conference Announced

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As you may know, on March 18, 2018 the administrative council at Totowa UMC has moved to transition into a single governance board.  The District Superintendent, Rev. Gina Kim, has authorized a Special Church Conference for the purpose of voting to approve a transition to a single governance board on Thursday, June 14th, 2018, 6pm.  Rev. Brian Neville is to preside over this conference.

No other business is authorized to be considered.

All professing members of Totowa United Methodist Church are invited to participate in this Special Session.


The Book of Discipline provides a detailed structuring for the organization of the local church; with a minimum of five (5) required offices: (1) Administrative Council; comprised by a representative of (2) Pastor-Parish Relations Committee, a representative of (3) Finance Committee, a representative of (4) Nominations and Leadership Development Committee, and a representative of the (5) Board of Trustees. ¶258

This ideal structure works effectively for churches with a pool of laity and volunteers.

Unfortunately, as congregations decrease in membership; and find it hard to place leaders in all the required positions for the structure described above; it becomes difficult to administer the business of the church and move its mission forward.

The administrative board at Totowa UMC has recognized that our administrative tasks have been increasingly ineffective.  The Administrative Board is willing to try other methods to improve our efficiency, with the interest of moving forward the mission of the church.

With Pastor Teresita’s guidance, the Administrative Board has explored the implementation of a Single Governance Board (One Board Administrative Structure).  The Book of Discipline provides on ¶244.2 and alternative plan for administrative and programmatic structures.

 “Alternative plans may be developed in accordance with provisions of ¶247.2.

Such alternatives include: nurture, outreach, and witness ministries;

administrative council; or administrative board/council on ministries.”

 We have studied different models and the one described below is the one we feel fits best to the new culture and mission of Totowa UMC.

  • We will have a minimum of nine offices on the board; out of which one is the pastor and one the Lay Leader.
  • Officers will not have assigned titles; but will be the contact person for specific areas of work. The board is in charge of visioning, mission alignment, accountability, and administration to include: Staff Parish Relations, Finance, and Trustees.
  • In accordance to the Book of Discipline, a Trustee Chair will be voted upon and elected every year by board members. This officer will also function as the Chair of the Board and SPRC liaison to the District Superintendent. This position will rotate every year, not one person can serve in this capacity for more than 12 months consecutively.
  • The Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development will continue to exist as provided in the Book of Discipline and are in charge of nominating members of the board and nominations committee.
  • The board will be setup in three (3) year classes.
  • Ideally, decision making will be done through discernment and consensus; voting when necessary.
  • Ministry teams are managed by the pastor. Ministry team members are recruited, trained, and deployed according to their call and gifts.
  • Family members and staff; paid and unpaid, cannot belong to the board.

Thank you for your support.


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