New Beginnings

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Friends in the Faith,

I am looking forward to celebrating my first Holy Week with you, here at Totowa UMC.  This Lenten Season I committed to reenergizing the more contemplative side of my faith.  I acquired a sand labyrinth. Every morning, I have been using this tool, tracing with my finger the path of the labyrinth; while meditating on a word related to healing and creativity.  These were two areas I wanted to focus on.

The sand particles scratching the tips of my fingers reminded me that life is not always a comfortable journey.  Yet, at times, the smooth caress of these particles moving aside as my fingers propelled blazing a trail gave me great satisfaction.   I was reminded that the path journeyed with God is not often revealed until we make the first move.  And the outcomes we enjoy are not a product of our own doing alone. But God who is the Master Creator and the ONE who heals, invites us to join in the creative process of birthing new beginnings.

I do not know what this Lenten Season has meant for you.  What great revelations were made evident as you journeyed through the desert with Christ?  What parts of your life have been reenergized? What areas need to be shaved away?

As we prepare to journey with Jesus through his passion, death, and resurrection I want to invite us to pray for each other, our church, and the Church at large.  These are difficult times, when sandstorms are developing right before our eyes.  Our communities are thirsty for Jesus and the Good News of Salvation.  We are in need of a rebirth that reenergizes our passion for loving one another with kindness and mutual respect.  Jesus’ sacrifice, not only on the cross, but of his whole life and being, was so that we would be able to “do greater things” in His name.  That we would be able to bring new beginnings where the end has been proclaimed.

I look forward to sharing Spirit-filled moments with you during Holy Week.  I hope you join me in expectation for the new beginnings God has in store for our community.

With You On the Journey,

Pastor Teresita

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